Influencer marketing is reaching new heights due to its affordable budget requirements. The rise of social media platforms and increasing number of social audience plays key role in driving the influencer marketing trends. 

To help marketers make themselves ready for the influencer marketing plans, Econsultancy columnist Patricio Robles has shared five issues that would be seen this year. 

Talking about the fake sponsored content, Robles says, “Given the large sums of money some influencers are paid to promote brands and their products, it’s no surprise that a growing number of individuals are trying to become influencers. Put simply, becoming an influencer is the 21st century equivalent of becoming a Hollywood celebrity, especially among
members of younger generations.

Unfortunately, in an effort to kick start their careers, some wannabe influencers have resorted to publishing what purport to be sponsored posts on behalf of brands that they are not actually working with. In some cases, the influencers engaging in this dubious behavior are reportedly then using their
fake sponsored posts to dupe brands into believing that they have a proven track record”.

Five influencer marketing issues that will dominate 2019

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