Continuous education is a must for enhancing your skill set and keep your business growing. For enhancing your sales you need to learn the strategies employed by leading brands which can be done with the help of books.

HubSpot contributor Aja Frost has shared a list of 17 must-read sales books for beginners. 

Frost says, “If you’re in sales, and this is your first year on the job, you should make it a priority to read the following 17 books. That’s a book or two a month — meaning you’ll be fully ramped and selling like a pro by your one-year anniversary.

  1. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  2. The 25 Sales Habits of Highly Successful People
  3. The Little Red Book of Selling
  4. The Sales Acceleration Formula
  5. Secrets of Closing the Sale”.

To explore the full list of books, follow the link below. 

17 Must-Read Sales Books For Beginners

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