Email stands as one of the long lasting marketing tools that has been trusted by every marketer. There has not been much of innovation in email except the way campaigns are treated differently by various marketers.

Marketing Land contributor Kyle Henderick has shared five email marketing trends we may expect in 2019.

Henderick says, “Below are my predictions for 2019 changes in the email marketing landscape you should be most aware of.

Personalization will put the right content in front of the right customers

Email marketing content can and should be more deliberate based on customers behavior, and I believe in 2019 we will see this become more prevalent in marketing strategies. Marketers have no excuse not to personalize email content based on the plethora of data they capture from browsing, purchase histories and email preferences.

The use of this data is becoming less “creepy” and using it in a deliberate way can deliver success. If you haven’t done so already, you should make it a priority to collect and use more data for personalization in content execution. Marketers should implement/expand their current preference centers for content choices or follow browse, purchase, click and open behavior to identify the content that piques subscribers’ interest most”.

Email marketing trends to expect in 2019

Marketing Land

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