2018 is gone and its time to put in our best efforts to do more in the new year. The last year saw several revolutions when it comes to shopping. The VR wave fired up on the ecommerce platforms and many other things happened.

The AdWeek contributor Lisa Lacy has shared ten ways in which the shopping changed last year.

Lacy says, “Take a look ahead to see what helped shape retail discourse this year—and what the industry will still be talking about come 2019.

Cashierless Stores

Amazon opened its first cashierless Amazon Go location in Seattle in January and, since then, eliminating the checkout has arguably been the year’s biggest retail craze.

Not only has Amazon Go expanded to Chicago and San Francisco, but startups like Zippin and Standard Cognition opened the doors of their own checkout-free stores. There were also reports Microsoft is working on Go-like technology. And then there are retailers like Macy’sSam’s Club and 7-Eleven, which have their own programs, and Walmart and Target, which gave store associates handheld devices to check out holiday shoppers. Even digitally native beverage brand Dirty Lemon, which sells drinks via text, got in on the action in New York. And with reports saying Amazon is eyeing airports for additional expansion, this isn’t likely the last we’ve heard of cashierless”.

Here Are the Biggest 10 Ways Shopping Changed in 2018


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