For those who are in the ecommerce domain would be having greater business opportunities in the new year. A mistake that many ecommerce businesses make is limiting themselves to certain platforms. If you are reaching the mass through a variety of platforms, the chances of getting more sales are brighter.

Small Business Trends contributor Ann Smarty has shared ten ecommerce platforms that businesses can use in 2019.

Smarty says, “Here are the top ecommerce platforms of 2019, ready for you in 2018.

1. BigCommerce

There is no such thing as a successful singular storefront anymore. You have to expand beyond the limits of solo commerce, whether that is brick and mortar or online. Apps, social media, bid site… they all have their place. If you want to move your profits, you have to go to all of the places your customers might be.

2. Shopify

You have probably heard of Shopify before. It has become one of the bigger ecommerce brands out there. It is also an affordable option, starting at just $29 per month for a basic account and offering enterprise quotes on request for the bigger names that have started using them”.

Top 10 Ecommerce Platforms for Your Small Business in 2019

Small Business Trends

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