The ecommerce business picked up new heights in 2018. The ecommerce giants like Amazon and Alibaba were flooded with shoppers.

To help you plan your 2019 marketing strategies, AdWeek contributor Lisa Lacy has shared 10 ecommerce trends observed in 2018.

Lacy says, “There’s virtually no ecommerce story this year that doesn’t feature Amazon, but it’s not the only company that made waves. Ahead are a few of the biggest ecommerce trends from 2018 and many—like Amazon’s quest for dominance to the rise of more permanent retail stores of digital darlings—are likely to continue in 2019.

Amazon, Amazon, Amazon

With nearly 50 percent of market share, the conversation about ecommerce in 2018 clearly starts with Amazon—at least in the U.S. Time and time again, wherever Amazon goes, everyone else follows.

But after its acquisitions of smart doorbell company Ring in February and prescription delivery service PillPack in June, along with reports of adding doctors to its payroll, it’s clear Jeff Bezos isn’t going to rest on his laurels. Instead, the platform seems to be worming its way further into our homes and cars, and according to Bloomberg“.

The 10 Biggest Ecommerce Trends of 2018


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