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Friday, April 19, 2024

SEO Checklist: There’s a science to good SEO #ad

What do you need to know for effective Search Engine Optimization? Well, here are the most important things: 1. Which is better for SEO, 301 redirects or 302 redirects? 2. How to check Domain Authority and Page Authority 3. How to Do Keyword Research and Analysis 4. How To Find Out if You’ve Been Hit by Negative SEO 5. How To Do Off Page SEO 6. How to Understand Searcher Intent and Use It to Boost your SEO Rankings 7. How to Find Out your site’s Page Speed and improve its performance 8. The Small Business Owner’s Guide To Conquering SEO 9. How to Track and Monitor your SEO Results 10.... [...]

Five AI + Marketing Trends To Watch In 2019

Marketing automation is considered to be a key driving element in achieving business success. The concept of automation leads the brands to cater the needs of their customers 24/7 which is possible with Artificial Intelligence. Entrepreneur contributor Albizu Garcia shared five trends we may experience in the growth of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on marketing. Albizu says, “More and more companies are being drawn to marketing automation, and as they are, they help to define the important developments in the industry. 2019 promises to be an exciting year of growth for AI in marketing. Trend... [...]

Creating And Executing A Content Marketing Strategy [Free Report]

Content marketing has become an essential part of every brand by now. It helps them establish their authenticity along with brand building. The Marketing Week team in collaboration with Econsultancy has released a free report on ‘Creating and executing a content marketing strategy’. The MW team says, “Pulling together insight from interviews from senior marketing leaders and content strategists from some of the UK’s biggest brands, this report identifies best practice approaches, techniques, challenges and opportunities around digital content strategy. Highlights include: How... [...]

Five Marketing Videos And Their Success Secrets

Video is an essential element of our marketing strategy today. The prevalence of wide social media has made it possible to meet our marketing goals with well-planned marketing videos. HubSpot contributor Clifford Chi has shared five viral marketing video case studies and has explained the psychology behind their success. Chi says, “In 2007, brothers Chip and Death Heath accomplished something that even the Coen brothers would tip their caps to — their book Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die climbed to the top of both The New York Timesand Wall... [...]

Unlock YouTube Traffic with 6-in-1 Traffic Jeet #ad

If you are looking for the quickest, easiest way to get YouTube traffic, take a hard look at Traffic Jeet 4, being released today. Way back in 2013, we invested in the original version of Traffic Jeet. Now, five years later, Cyril Gupta has just released the 4th, new and improved, version of this traffic building software. Traffic Jeet 4 is automatic “traffic seeking” software that will work wonders for your YouTube accounts. This isn’t fake or phoney traffic. It comes from authentic YouTube audiences. You will be getting traffic from the third biggest site on the internet, that... [...]

‘Brand Advertisers, How Tight Are Your Briefs? Upgrade Your Agency Management Practices ‘ Webinar February 14

AdWeek is hosting a webinar on ‘Brand Advertisers, How Tight Are Your Briefs? Upgrade Your Agency Management Practices’ on Thursday, February 14 at 1.00 pm EST. The AdWeek team says, “Trying to do more marketing with less budget this year? You’re not alone in trying to drive savings when working with agency partners. But what’s the cost in terms of quality creative? An improved scope of work and a better-managed briefing process might be the answer, enabling brand advertisers to realize significant efficiency and productivity gains with their agencies. Yet, both activities... [...]

Delivering Effective Consumer Experience With Artificial Intelligence

Today’s customers are a connected mass. They want you to respond to them in real time and the Artificial Intelligence(AI) is the solution to meet their expectations. ReadWrite contributor Vince Lynch has shared an useful article on using AI to deliver a seamless consumer experience. On quick adoption of AI, Lynch says, “Whether it’s Amazon’s AI-fueled recommendations revolutionizing the product chain or the entire advertising industry adjusting to Google’s and Facebook’s algorithms, AI has been shaping the online retail space more than any technology besides the internet itself. It... [...]

Strategies To Deal With Social Media Crisis

Social media platforms have become the backbone of our marketing efforts as we are able to stay connected with the customers and also provide effective customer service through social media hearing. When you are not able to meet the expectations of your customers and they start complaining about it, you are facing a social media crisis as this could harm your brand reputation. Econsultancy contributor Sean Cole has shared four stages in which you you can effectively deal with the social media crisis. Cole says, “Here are four steps to issue or crisis management on social media. Subscribers... [...]

WP Affiliate Machine: Launch an Affiliate Site in 60 seconds #ad

WP Affiliate Machine has just been released by Ankur Shulka. If you want to build a site that earns money through affiliate marketing and if you are not a programmer, start with WordPress. It is the tool for non-specialists who need to build a website. It is growing more and more common daily. In fact, about one-third of the websites in the world are built on WordPress. That’s a good foundation, and most hosting companies have tools that let you instantly create a WP site; just look in the control panel (usually, it’s called cPanel). You need to setup a wordpress site. But having an... [...]

Econsultancy Shares Seven Ways To Improve Website Speed

Maintaining a good website speed is one of the most important elements in keeping your visitors stay back on the site and make them visit the site again. Econsultancy contributor Daniel Monk has shared seven tips to help developers improve the site speed. Monk says, “With Google research showing that the bounce rate probability of the average user increases by 32% on a page load time of three seconds compared to one, 90% on a page load of five seconds, and 106% of six seconds, it is increasingly important that using the latest technology and tools we aim to get our site... [...]

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