The influencer marketing domain has been growing and now reaching the micro-influencers too. This new concept has provided the brands with an opportunity to reach out the people having specific are of interest and need.

With the rise of social media, the influencer marketing is surely going to have a better future in the coming year.

With a view to help marketers learn about the status of influencer marketing in 2019, Forbes contributor Jason Pampell has shared four predictions.

Talking about the focus on partnerships in the new year, Pampell says,  “While it may have been acceptable in the past to diversify your influencer portfolio and partner with as many influencers as you can to extend reach, brands won’t want to keep this up in the new year. Instead, creating long-term influencer partnerships is much more effective.

As advertising in the influencer space has become more popular, users are wising up to the lack of authenticity that typically accompanies a one-and-done campaign. Furthermore, a survey by Stackla revealed that authenticity is an important factor to 86% of people when deciding what brands they like and support.

If an influencer is truly passionate about a product, they likely won’t post about it just once. If they love it, chances are you’ll see it organically woven into their blog and social channels over a long period of time”.

Four Influencer Marketing Predictions For 2019

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