Video is an essential element in your marketing mix. It helps you let your prospects and customers explore ins and outs of the products you offer.

Entrepreneur contributor Anna Johansson has shared five tactics to help marketers create social media-friendly videos that can generate more sales.

Johansson says, “In modern marketing, you need video that sells. Here are five specific actions you can take to create compelling marketing videos:

1. Speak directly to your audience.

The message or story is the most important element of an effective video campaign.

According to Paul Xavier, a commercial filmmaker who manages over $100,000 /month in commercial campaigns, it’s imperative that business leaders think about how their videos directly educate & entertain viewers.

“A video doesn’t have to go viral or be funny to sell. It needs a message that shows how your client’s product or service is the best solution for the viewer problems,” Xavier wrote on his blog“.

What Are the Secrets to Creating Social Media-Friendly Videos That Sell? Here Are 5 Answers.


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