Video has turned out to be one of the most popular marketing tools. It helps you easily connect with the audience and effectively communicate the message to them.

Entrepreneur contributor Dmitry Dragilev has shared four ways to help marketers improve their marketing with video tools.

Dragilev says, “Here’s how you can use video to attract and convert more customers.

Using video to raise awareness.

Connecting with new customers is probably the most natural way to use video in your marketing funnel. From ads to how-to’s to expert interview and conference recordings, video can be a great medium to connect with the people who stand to get the most out of using your solution.

However, with the proliferation of video, it is becoming increasingly more challenging to get eyeballs on your content. Recording, editing and publishing video is still a challenge, but now there’s another hurdle — getting people to your content.

Video SEO is increasingly emerging as a discipline that skillful marketers understand and apply”.

Use Video in Every Step of Your Marketing Funnel


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