Customer loyalty leads to retention. Apart from providing the best products and services we also need to keep communicating to the customers for creating a personal relationship with them.

Econsultancy columnist Nikki Gilliland has shared some useful tips on driving loyalty through mobil messaging.

Favoring the use of SMS, Gilliland says, “SMS perhaps feels like an outdated channel in some ways, with the majority of consumers having moved over to WhatsApp or other internet-based messaging services. For brands, however SMS can still be a powerful and hugely impactful tool. This is largely because of the familiar and ingrained nature of text messaging – we all have the feature on our phones and an understanding of how the medium works.

What’s more, text messages are effective in their immediacy. According to research by the Data & Marketing Association, 90% of texts will be read within three minutes, and 98% will most likely be read by the end of the day. This means brands can feel confident that most users will at least engage with communication, and hopefully react positively to it”.

How brands can drive loyalty through mobile messaging

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