Email remains one of the most used tools in marketing today. Even during the holidays, apart from social and search advertising, email is used most.

This year you must have used the email as a promotion tactic. Constant Contact contributor Dave Charest has shared four steps to help you measure the performance of email during these holidays.

Charest says, “Follow these four steps to measure your holiday email marketing success:

1. What revenue do you attribute to email marketing in years past?

Hopefully, you’ve been measuring the business impact of your email marketing year round. If not, don’t worry. Use this year to set some benchmarks for your business. You can use this worksheet to measure your email marketing business results.

2.  Review your email results from last year.

Take a look at the holiday emails that drove great results for you in the past. Here are some questions you can ask:

  • Which of my email campaigns generated the highest open and click-through rates?
  • Was there anything special about the subject lines or content?
  • On what days were my high-performing emails sent?”.

How to Measure the Success of Your Holiday Marketing

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