Video is one of the most important marketing tools and YouTube has been instrumental in helping all the brands smoothly execute their video marketing strategies. To make our video marketing successful it is very much important to have a significant number of subscribers on YouTube.

To help marketers acquire more subscribers on YouTube HubSpot contributor Bella Valentini has shared some strategies that helped the company grow its YouTube subscriber base by 25%.

Valentini says, “To help you rank on YouTube, create a brand identity, and provide an outstanding user experience, take a look at the free strategies we implemented to achieve sustainable growth on the platform.

1. Develop an SEO strategy for YouTube specifically.

When you hear the term “search engine”, what comes to mind? I’d be willing to bet it’s Google.

From there, you might think of Yahoo or Bing. But, as some of you savvy marketers might know, this is actually a trick question — you’re right to think of Google first, but if your brain flips to Yahoo or Bing next, that should change, today.

The second largest search engine globally is YouTube. With more and more content being added each day — as much as 400 hours of video per minute — optimization is not only best practice, it’s critical, and must be the foundation for any effective YouTube strategy”.

How HubSpot Academy Grew YouTube Subscribers by 25% in Just Two Months

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