The year is ending soon and it is time now to plan out the activities for the 2019. Usually companies do sales kickoffs in the month of January with the sales representatives to define yearly objectives and targets.

HubSpot has published a guide to successful sales kickoffs to help brands run their meetings successfully.

Aja Frost says, “Sales kickoffs help boost morale, build team trust and rapport, and ensure that the entire organization understands the priorities and roadmap for the year ahead. Below are our specific tips for planning kickoff — so keep reading.

1. Choose an engaging sales kickoff theme.

Why choose a theme for your sales kickoff? First, your content will be more engaging and memorable if it all goes back to a central idea. Second, it heightens the entertainment value. A theme lets you add in jokes, slideshows, skits, mini contests, and so on. Third, a theme keeps you on track. Kickoffs fail when they’re all over the place — reps end up forgetting what they’ve heard, and there’s no lasting value. To make your kickoff successful, give it an overarching theme”.

The Ultimate Guide to Successful Sales Kickoffs [Agenda Included]

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