Mobile has turned out to be the ultimate way to reach out millions of people. And one of the most engaging thing that the mobile users find is watching videos. By creating and publishing your marketing campaigns over the mobile you can secure more sales online.

AdWeek team has published five tips to help brands create effective mobile video campaigns in the year 2019.

On measuring the right statistics, the AdWeek team says, “The aim of every single advertising campaign will be to drive sales, increase visits to a store or make the target audience engage with the brand in a certain way. So why are you still measuring and optimizing campaigns to clickthrough rates?

As Mobile Marketing Association CEO Greg Stuart recently said: ”Much of marketing measurement is completely out of touch with business growth. While CTR is the most used KPI for brands our studies show that in many cases it has zero correlation to sales.”

Make sure you measure the metrics that really matter and optimize campaigns accordingly”.

5 Things You Need to Do for Your 2019 Mobile Video Campaigns


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