When you are in a competitive market, it pays to know what your competitors are doing and how it compares with your own marketing. Richard Fairbairn has just released software that will help you do exactly that. Everything we need to know about your titors is publicly available. The trick is to find the time to dig out the information.

Richard Fairbairn has just released SpyTrack, and it can find the data you need and present it to you in an organized, easily digestible format.

Think of this. What if you could get inside information on what is really succeeding today on social media? This would give you an advantage. You could take action to do something similar (or better.)

SpyTrack will help you find and track data using relevant keywords, hashtags, and other social media assets so you aren’t working in the dark. You know what gets audience engagement and you now know what to work toward.

Social media influencers have become more influential than celebrities. They use social to tell media their followers what they should buy. You can take advantage of their social media power without needing 100,000 followers yourself.

For example, Fairbairn used SpyTrack to track, improve and monitor his campaign for a recent successful product launch. He tracked his hashtags+keywords and those of his competitors. Using the data on which hashtags pulled in the most re-tweets, he cpuld fine-tune his own promotional tweets to earn more commissions during the first 18 hours alone. This knowledge gave him a head start to the leader board.

SpyTrack lets you use ethically obtained information about the most engaging content, the best hashtags to use, the top recent users and a lot more.

Get the whole story on this new software here: SpyTrack.

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