Enhancing our knowledge is one of the ways to keep ourselves abreast of what is happening in the marketing domain. Podcasts offer us a treasure of tips and tricks to lead our marketing efforts in the right directions.

HubSpot columnist Aja Frost has listed 19 podcasts that can help you win at sales and marketing.

Frost says, “After a long day at the office, Netflix is usually more appealing than cracking open a sales book or streaming a sales training video on YouTube.

Fortunately, there’s a simpler way to learn new sales techniques without having to set aside extra time in your day — through podcasts.

The next time you’re walking the dog, commuting, exercising, cleaning, or doing any other task that doesn’t require mental energy, pop in your earbuds, press “Play,” and learn from sales leaders and experts”.

Frost has offered detailed information about the following podcats:

  1. B2B Growth Show
  2. The Advanced Selling Podcast
  3. Sales Gravy
  4. The Salesman Podcast
  5. Linking Into Sales Podcast
  6. In the Arena; and more.

19 Sales Podcasts Every Rep Should Listen To

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