Viral marketing is the long-sought goal of online marketers, where new buyers visit your offer without the marketer having to continue to pump money into ads.
ViraLightning softrware, developed by Bryan Winters, can turn a simple affiliate marketing campaign into a viral campaign that spreads due to the excitement of the buyers and potential buyers.

The software creates funnels for you, starting with a free product and following up with products for sale. When visitors arrive, they are invited to participate in your campaign through this master funnel. You are offering them a free, money-making opportunity as a list magnet. If they accept, they get your offer and you get their name, building your mailng list in the process.

That’s pretty typical, and there are other ways you could do the same thing. But here is where ViraLightning does something unique. Besides the free offer, they are also offered the opportunity to have their own ViraLightning funnel.

This is where the viral growth starts. There is a caveat on their funnel: they can only earn money from it if they also do 1 of 2 optional things (that boost your results):
a. Unlock their funnel by buying the for-sale offer in your funnel. That’s good for you; you made a sale. It’s also good for them; you gave them a money-making bonus (their own viral funnel) for buying.
b. Unlock their funnel by referring other people to your funnel. That’s again good for both of you. Again, they get a money-making opportunity, and you get more people on your list and more potential buyers.

There’s a lot more to ViraLightning, but that should get you to stsrt thinking about the possibilities.

Check out all the details here: ViraLightning.

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