Innovation and creativity are two elements that can help you make your marketing more engaging and rewarding. When it comes to email marketing what you need is well-designed template and a unique offer.

To help you with these two elements, HubSpot columnist Lindsay Kolowich has shared 13 email newsletter templates that you can download.

Kolowich says, “If you had to guess, how many email newsletters do you think you’re subscribed to? Ten? Twenty? Fifty?

To be honest, I’ve lost count — and I know I’m not alone. Email marketers have a lot to compete with in their subscribers’ inboxes. That’s why a solid newsletter template is crucial to designing an email that people are encouraged to click through.

  1. Pook by Litmus
  2. Sonata by Web Canopy Studio
  3. ZURB Ink
  4. Wire by HubSpot
  5. 99designs
  6. Webinar Invite by WorkCast”.

13 of the Best Email Newsletter Templates and Resources to Download for 2019

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