For years, Livecaster has been the only livecasting app in our market that can schedule livecasting of pre-recorded videos on Facebook Pages & Profiles.

Teknikforce has just announced the third generation of this video software.

Livecaster 3 is the most powerful and the most user-friendly livecasting app you’ll find anywhere, and it’s the only such app that’s 100% Facebook approved. It can schedule and livecast prerecorded videos to Facebook pages and profiles.

With this powerful app, you can:
► Increase your organic reach on Facebook and YouTube (plus many more, lncluding Livestream, Periscope, Ustream and Twitch)

► Setup your system easily since it is all online, i.e., it’s software as a service (SaaS)

► Create videos for immediate showing or for scheduling for later

► Include beautiful overlays and calls to action on the videos that you livecast

► Livecast multiple videos simultaneously

You will be livecasting from your own IP address, not from a server IP address, so you are protected from bans.

These videos are an effective way to get more fans and subscribers.

And Livecaster 3 is 100% compatible with Facebook’s Terms of Service

Rank higher on both Google and YouTube with these videos and potentially go viral on Facebook

In the 1980s, Memorex used a slogan, : “Is it live or is it Memorex?” Now, people will say, “Is it live or is it Livecaster?“.

This well-rounded video software should be a tool in every video marketer’s toolbox. Check it out here: Livecaster 3.

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