To make the lives of their users easy, email clients such as Gmail and Yahoo have started filtering the emails based on content and mainly based on the subject lines.

Many a times, their algorithms put your emails into spam instead of inbox. And this is one of the most common problems that the email marketers face today.

Entrepreneur contributor Rajdipkumar Gupta has shared a ten-point checklist to help marketers send emails that can surpass the spam folder and land directly in the inbox.

Gupta says, “A spam filter is a software that processes incoming emails so as to prevent junk from reaching a user’s inbox. Email spam is ~50% of the 269 billion email messages sent each day. Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) is the digital junk mail known as spam. Spam is a nuisance and an access point for viruses and malicious code and this necessitates the need for an effective Spam Filter. This ubiquitous spam filter is the only barrier between your email and the inbox.

Although no spam filtering solution is 100per cent effective, a business email system without spam filtering is virtually unusable. Hence, your email should surpass the spam filter’s criteria to maximize its way into the customer’s inbox”.

Deliver content straight to the Inbox; how to surpass the Spam Filter


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