XMarketer Suite bills itself as the world’s first AI based video and voice call platform.

Their launch week is almost over, but if you hurry, you can get it for a one-time price, rather than a renewable subscription.

Why would you need it? Well, its job is to communicate with your customers and potential customers. The AI (artificial intelligence) is included to ensure it behaves as much like a human as possible.

The creators say that this human-like responsiveness can boost conversion dramatically, even as much as 10 times.

It does this by:
► Listening to your potential users and converting these leads into sales
► Improving engagement and boosting revenue
► Qualifying and engaging potential customers.
► Automating your marketing and making sales while you sleep
► Substantially increasing time spent on your website by your visitors
► Interacting with offline leads, regardless of their location, world-wide
► Automating routine tasks to save you time
► Providing Top-Class Support for your customer

By the way, this works with any website. It’s not limited to WordPress.

One more thing, the company releasing this new softwaew has given us some bonuses we can share with our subscribers. The describe them as “exclusive”, but I can’t confirm that.

If you need help with your customer support, check out this new software here: XMarketer Suite. Please be quick to get in on the launch sale.

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