Upselling is an act of selling more to your customers than what they wanted to purchase. It helps you market to your existing customers and easily improve sales.

Entrepreneur contributor Syed Balkhi has shared three tips to help marketers upsell to their customers.

Balkhi says, “Let’s look at four tips to upsell existing customers:

Make the purchase you push relevant to the original purchase.

One of the most important tips to upselling to existing customers is to make the upsell relevant to their original purchase. Imagine you just bought a new mattress. If the salesperson immediately tries to sell you another mattress, you won’t go for it; you don’t need another mattress right now.

But if this person suggests that you need new pillows to go with your new mattress, now that makes more sense. So, if you’re the one doing the upselling, not only should the product be relevant to the original purchase, but it should also solve a problem. You can even introduce additional problems the customer might not have yet thought about.

Amazon does this well with its “Frequently bought together” section. For instance, if a customer is looking at a camera, Amazon will recommend you also purchase a camera bag to protect your new purchase, and a memory card to store more photos. Makes sense, right? In fact, 35 percent of Amazon’s revenue is generated by its recommendation algorithm, according to McKinsey”.

How to Upsell Customers This Holiday Season: 3 Tips


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