It is difficult to have 100% of your own content in an article. You need to make your content authentic by inserting relevant facts and figures from various sources.

Identifying such quality sources is a challenging task in this information-excess world of the Internet.

Content Marketing Institute contributor Manish Dudharejia has shared seven sources that you can use to make your content stand out.

Dudharejia says, “If you want your content to stand out – and up – in the vast sea of content, you need to create something sufficiently novel and useful. You need to invest in research methods that will put you ahead of the pack.

Here are seven methods that will help you do just that.

1. Peer-reviewed literature

Few things lend your content more authority than the inclusion of a scientific study or original research conducted by academic professionals. Just as importantly, cracking open peer-reviewed literature can be a great way to discover new content ideas.

Much of what’s been covered in academic literature hasn’t made it to mainstream audiencesbecause the content is dry or too dense for most. But if you can use the research to create content people can and will want to read, you’ll be a go-to resource on the topic”.

How These Unusual Sources Make Your Content Stand Out

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