Last week we reported the launch of YouTube Stories which takes YouTube parallel to Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook in the Stories segment.

Econsultancy’s Nikki Gilliland has shared a comprehensive article on YouTube Stories and its significance.

Gilliland says, “The latest social media app to experiment with Stories is YouTube, with its version (previously named ‘Reels’) now being rolled out to creators with 10,000 subscribers or more.

But is it yet another Instagram Stories wannabe, and will it catch on with viewers?

The low-down on Stories

Despite the success of Instagram Stories, YouTube doesn’t appear intent on making its own a carbon copy. There are marked differences between the two.

First, not everyone can create YouTube Stories, as the feature is only available to creators that already have a substantial audience. Second, the videos last for seven days rather than 24 hours, and there is also the option of creating multiple Stories, each with its own set of videos, to be live at one time. This is distinct from sites like Instagram and Snapchat, where all photos and videos are pulled into one, centralised Story”.

What is YouTube Stories and will it catch on?

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