Knowing how the top performing brands use social media can help you strengthen your social marketing efforts.

Econsultancy columnist Sean Cole has shared a detailed case on how Nike uses Facebook and Instagram for its branding process.

Cole says, “In this article I’m going to discuss how the brand uses the two largest social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram, to communicate with its diverse audience, share any interesting observations that I came across diving into the respective profiles and share some of its success stories.

Note that I’ll be focusing on Nike’s organic social media activity in this piece, rather than paid campaigns. Let’s kick off with Facebook.

How Nike uses Facebook

Like most global brands, Nike has separate Facebook pages for each of its product categories. This includes golfskateboarding and Nike+ Run Club, as well as two football pages – one for the American version of the sport and one for the version everyone else in the world plays.

Notably, Nike Football (the proper version) has more Likes than its main account (44 million versus 32 million) and even more than the Facebook page of its closest rival, Adidas (which has 35 million)”.

How Nike uses Facebook and Instagram

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