AdWeek is hosting a webinar on ‘Make Agencies More Agile: Be Nimble, Streamlined and Responsive’ on Thursday, December 6 at 1.00 pm EST.

The AdWeek team says, “The need for transformative, disruptive growth is expanding marketing’s role beyond communication campaigns, altering brand marketers’ relationships with agencies. We’ve heard the warnings about consultants, insourcing and cost-cutting. To survive, agencies are feverishly transforming themselves to be more nimble, streamlined and responsive. Simply put: There’s an existential need to become agile.

Guest speaker Jay Pattisall, principal analyst at Forrester, will take a hard look at the challenges agencies are facing and what it will take to compete effectively in this emerging world. He will cover:

  • Why the current agency revenue and staffing structure is too inflexible to meet the needs of CMOs
  • How agencies can adopt agility in process, teams and structure to be the partners brand marketers need.
  • What clients need to do to allow their agencies to be successful in this changed landscape”.

Make Agencies More Agile: Be Nimble, Streamlined and Responsive


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