Quality content helps you get more people to buy your products and services by getting more leads. To get more leads you need to make sure that the content that you publish has the elements that could capture the visitor’s attention.

Content Marketing Institute columnist Shane Barker has shared 12 expert ideas to help you get more leads through content marketing.

Barker says, “When your goal is to generate leads, you need to incorporate that objective into an effective content marketing strategy. To help, I’ve put together this expert roundup on the most effective content marketing practices to help you identify potential customers and nurture your relationships with them.

1. Don’t make these 2 mistakes

We are seeing a trend toward creating the wrong content. It stems from a bit of the “crank-it-out” mentality and not following a documented content marketing strategy. We are seeing more created for the wrong audience, resulting in more low-quality leads. The default seems to be creating:

  • content no one is searching for
  • content geared towards practitioners rather than decision-makers

If most organizations focus on fixing those two issues, they would see an immediate uptick in higher quality leads”.

12 Expert Ideas to Improve Your Content Marketing for Better Leads

Content Marketing Institute

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