Attracting more and more prospects to your website is one of the ways to get more customers. But with rising competition in the era of multiple ways to reach the audience it becomes difficult to keep them interested.

HubSpot columnist Jeff Hoffman has shared five ways to help marketers capture their prospects’ interest and make more sales.

Hoffman says, “Starting a relationship with someone who’s never heard of you or isn’t actively looking to solve a relevant challenge is tough.

However, it’s not impossible. I use the following five techniques to kick things off with these kinds of buyers.

How to Earn Your Prospect’s Interest

1. Sell the dream

Not everybody you’re selling to will be interested in your product, but I guarantee they’re always interested in themselves. Creating a vision of what will happen to them once they buy your product is a great way to create interest.

Think about Nike’s catch phrase, “Just do it,” or Burger King’s “Have it your way.” These phrases don’t tell you what they sell. They tell you what you can do with the things they sell.

When I call on a VP of Sales at a Fortune 500 company to sell her my firm’s services, I certainly don’t lead with, “Hi! I’m Jeff from Boston, and I sell sales training and consulting in Boston”.

5 Tricks That Will Magically Get Prospects Interested in You

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