When it comes to getting the most of your investment in advertising Google is a solution as it helps you reach wide number of people who could be your prospective customers.

HubSpot contributor Emma Greenman has shared a comprehensive guide to help marketers create revenue-generating Google ads campaign.

Greenman says, “We’ll start with a few real examples of AdWords campaigns — a service now known as simply Google Ads — and then throw in some pro tips for succeeding with your own search engine marketing strategy. By the time we’re done, you’ll be an expert.

1. New Breed Marketing

Some searchers might be ready to purchase something, but need to make sure what you’re selling is what they’re buying. That’s the thinking behind the first AdWords campaign example, above.

New Breed Marketing, an agency partner of HubSpot, is an inbound marketing service provider. But because New Breed’s customers might not know the services they want by the term, “inbound marketing,” the company sought to define the term for them — helping buyers confirm that inbound marketing is indeed what they’re looking for”.

How to Create a Revenue-Generating Google Ads Campaign

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