Chris Munch, the head of the PressCable team, realized that good video content is a significant asset for your affiliate marketing, traffic and sales generation efforts. Video currently drives 80% of buyer traffic on the internet and it’s importance is still growing.

For most people, though, real quality videos are hard to create. There are several reasons for that:
• The process is too complicated for many non-technical marketers
• For individual marketers and small businesses, the process usually is too expensive
• People are busy running the business. The time involved in creating a video cuts into more productive activities.

So Munch and the Presscable team invented a new software tool we need to resolve all three problems while still delivering high-quality video content that engages the viewer. (including the exceptionally powerful Video Bulletin format).

Early adopters have been using this new tool, called VidBullet, in affiliate sales. and other online marketing, and it has helped improve the results they are seeing.

For example (no necessarily typical), one tester already has made $36,000 using this in an even more profitable way, within a few weeks (you’ll even get training on exactly how).

Take a ‘Sneak Peek’ Here: VidBullet

This new software is launching at 11 AM EST Tomorrow and it is completely automated, so even the most technically-challenged marketer should look into it.

VidBullet lets you build an unlimited number of high-quality, highly engaging marketing videos in about 3 minutes. Because of this speed, it becomes practical to create, say, 50 videos for an affiliate offer (or your own product, for that matter.)

Spread these videos around the various video sites and social media platforms, Munch says, and you have a real marketing tool that can make a difference in your results for any affiliate offer you promote or any funnel of your own.

You can understand the effect this new capability can have on video marketing for everyone. who adopts it

This new product continues and enhances Munch’s reputation for bringing unique and ground-breaking products to market, to help us grow our businesses and online ventures with bare minimum effort and maximum results.

Take a moment to watch this very quick video about this new tool: VidBullet.

Remember, beta access opens at 11 AM EST tomorrow, and you’ll want to be there to gain a real advantage for your affiliate marketing.

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