Search engine marketing cannot help you achieve success unless you instill the essential elements that play a pivotal role in getting your sites indexed.

MOZ contributor Jeff Baker has shared an analysis of seven search ranking factors that we may like to consider for enhancing our SEO impact.

Baker says, “We wanted to see how newly written, original content performs over time, and which factors may have impacted that performance.

Why do this the hard way, dude?

“Why not just pull hundreds (or thousands!) of data points from search results to broaden your dataset?”, you might be thinking. It’s been done successfully quite a few times!

Trust me, I was thinking the same thing while weeping tears into my keyboard.

The answer was simple: I wanted to do something different from the massive aggregate studies. I wanted a level of control over as many potentially influential variables as possible.

By using our own data, the study benefited from:

  • The same root Domain Authority across all content.
  • Similar individual URL link profiles (some laughs on that later).
  • Known original publish dates and without reoptimization efforts or tinkering”.

7 Search Ranking Factors Analyzed: A Follow-Up Study


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