Learning from the successful campaigns can help your get desired benefit from your marketing campaigns. In this year too some of the brands’ campaigns stood out.

The Marketing Week team has revealed the best marketing campaigns of 2018.

The MW team says, “From a finger-licking good apology and a laundry ad with a difference, to brands joining forces to stamp out online abuse, we look at some of 2018’s most memorable and thought-provoking campaigns. In no particular order they are…


KFC faced disaster in February when it was forced to shut hundreds of restaurants temporarily because it had run out of chicken. Beyond the obvious hit to its business, the shortage threatened to derail the brand as well and left its marketers facing a question over how to respond.

Where many brands might have tried to take a serious tone in fear of annoying customers still further, KFC instead chose wit, rearranging the letters of its name to spell FCK in a print ad apologising for the mess-up. That ad, created by Mother London, was a recognition that the apology needed to be both sincere and not too serious, a tough balance to find while also remaining on-brand”.

The best marketing campaigns of 2018: Part 2

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