Creativity is one of the most essential elements of marketing. When it comes to content marketing, you need to keep experimenting with the possible ways you can attract more people’s attention and make them take a decision.

Content Marketing Institute contributor Carmen Hill has shared seven tips to make your content marketing campaigns more attractive and impactful.

Hill says, “When you follow a storytelling approach informed by data, it’s possible to be much more specific, and thus relevant, to your customers’ needs and interests. Instead of plain old vanilla, it’s goat cheese marionberry habañero. Instead of just a chocolate bar, it’s Tony’s Chocolonely Dark Pecan Coconut. Or, instead of yet another white paper about the virtues of a hybrid cloud environment, it’s a personalized video or peer-to-peer roundtable hosted by CIOs for CIOs.

Master the art and science of data-infused stories

Data-led content makes for much better stories, especially if you can personalize the message and delivery. What kind of data do you need to do that? Where do you find it? And how do you use it to create a more effective content strategy? Fortunately, you don’t have to be a data scientist, but it does require both art and science to connect the insights in your data to content and conversations.

“If you have customers and you have salespeople and you create content, then you have giant barrels of (data) monkeys that are just waiting to be linked,” says Julie Wisdom, co-founder and creative strategist for London-based agency ALIAS Partners”.

How to Make Your Bland Content Strategy Delicious

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