The Artificial Intelligence (AI) wave in its new avatar is on the way to make big thing in the marketing domain. It is allowing the brands to closely connect with the customers and give them a personalized experience.

ReadWrite contributor Ryan Ayers has shared four ways the AI will continue to revolutionize the marketing industry.

Ayers says, “In the spirit of Watson’s phenomenal evolution, the following entries highlight four ways that AI will revolutionize the marketing industry.

Transformation 1: Machine Learning.

Artificial intelligence technology is becoming increasingly accessible to the average consumer, allowing them to better understand and engage with multimedia content.

Machine learning technology is at the core of this revolution. Vendors such as Amazon Web services (AWS) have developed machine learning tools empowered by artificial intelligence that easily within the grasp of any organization.

Digital advertising agencies, for instance, use the resource optimize the advertising budget across multiple touch points. The vendors even set up mock scenarios so that marketing executives can easily understand how to make the most of the technology

Transformation 2: The Leveraging of Big Data to Identify Equality Gaps.

In the context of artificial intelligence, important to understand how to provide digital access for all when it comes to fairness and inclusion“.

4 Ways AI Will Revolutionize the Marketing Industry

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