The Entrepreneur magazine team has published a video on ‘7 Marketing Hacks That Can Be Applied to a Business at Any Stage’ featuring Eric Siu with Nathan Latka and Daisy Jing.

Eric says, “In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Eric Siu consults a handful of top marketers — such as Nathan Latka and Daisy Jing — on how to expand your business’s reach. From tips on attracting the attention of social media influencers, to the benefit of using Excel to determine the most lucrative customer bracket for you, Siu collects a selection of guests from his podcasts to contribute their insights. Jing particularly keeps a look out for those who show potential to be great influencers and may become highly influential. If this is case, Jing will reach out to these figures to catch them before they become so well-known.

Some of the tips include publishing content, as well as building a network on Facebook. Other tips include offering a product at an initial, low price point, or opting to sell at a higher price point and going from there”.

7 Marketing Hacks That Can Be Applied to a Business at Any Stage


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