Having and communicating the purpose of existence of your brand is something that appeals for people. Beyond business it has to be the people-centered approach that connects you better with the audience.

Buffer contributor Ash Read has shared some cases on how brands alight themselves towards having a purpose and how they stand by people in adverse situations.

Read has also shared three important things that we need to consider while aligning our brand to a purpose.

Read says, “Here are three things to consider before aligning your brand with a purpose:

1. Does your brand have a right or role to be here?

You never want to shoehorn your brand into a conversation in which it doesn’t belong. “This can be a PR nightmare,” Mike told me.

The best examples of purpose-driven marketing are when brands connect with issues and purposes that they have long supported or played a part in. Anheuser-Busch’s water campaign worked for its brand because it has been supporting clean water-related causes since 2010 — it wasn’t just jumping in during a moment of crisis to try and grab some attention.

“If you’re already walking the walk as a brand, you’ll know what discussions to be a part of and where to stay away,” Mike explained.

2. Are you doing or just saying?

It’s not enough to simply jump into a conversation during a fleeting moment, you have to have actions that back up your communications”.

The Power of Purpose: How Taking a Stand Helps Brands to Win Customer’s Hearts (and Business)

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