Video marketing is unavoidable in today’s online shopping experience. That means that marketers who don’t use it are at a disadvantage.

Using good videos that grab people’s attention and hold it can make any marketer’s profits increase.

But it isn’t easy to make good videos that pull in people to their message. There has to be both emotion and content built into the video.

Now you don’t have to go through this complex and difficult process to build great videos:
1. Source attention-grabbing suitable video footage and pay for using it in your business
2. Download the video and make sure it’s ready for social media.
3. Insert a legal, eye-catching font to add your thoughtful quote
4. Save the video in the right format.
5. Post it to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter for broad exposure.

This process used to be manual, but now it has been automated for you in the new SAAS software: Socifeed.

This software is made for people like you. Even if you have no technical or graphic design skills, with this new software, you can build powerful videos from day one.

Notice that you can use these videos for many purposes, including sending traffic to your website, building your reputation and more.

Here’s what well-known marketer, Mike McLay says about Socifeed:

Socifeed produces high-quality video quotes instantly. It’s very fast which means you can immediately start using videos to generate clicks, leads and sales. If you’re online, this is a MUST have!

Mike McKay

No installation is needed. You just go to the Socifeed website, build your video and use it. You can connect your social media accounts to Socifeed easily in seconds and start having it auto-post on any you choose.

Check it out now, while the intro pricing is still in effect: Socifeed.

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