Opt-in marketing, as we know it, is a form of marketing with permission. Here you take the consent of the subscriber for future communications.

The new wave that could survive here is opt-in video marketing. Still we need some time to find out how impactful it could be.

Forbes contributor Paul Talbot has shared an article talking about the implications of opt-in video marketing.

Talking about the future of this form of marketing, Talbot says, “It may indeed be huge if the perception of value shifts and the potential quality of the audience is recognized. Favorable campaign results can quickly melt away perceptions of tawdriness.

If we revisit how marketing works and consider the need to first capture the prospect’s attention and then their interest, it’s reasonable for the marketer to question the sincerity and the motivation of the prospect.

If the prospect is a gamer who will watch a video ad in order to be awarded a golden key, that’s at least a start. This can easily be quantified as a high level or interaction which may or may not melt away when the prospect is asked to take the next step.

The truth of campaign effectiveness appears farther downstream. There could be increased recall and awareness. These metrics may or may not translate into conversion, which underscores the need for tests”.

Can Opt-In Video Marketing Really Work?

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