2018 is about to end and we would be entering the new year soon. Knowing about what to expect in the upcoming year gives us the chance to be prepared.

Entrepreneur contributor Jason Feifer has shared Seth Godin’s predictions on the marketing scenario in 2019.

Feifer says, “If anyone knows marketing’s future, it’s Seth Godin. The longtime guru of the subject and author of 19 books — his new one is called This Is Marketing, and he has a new notebook in partnership with MOO — preaches a kind of invisible marketing. “The word marketing should mean ‘What do we call it when we make something people want?’ ” he says. That’ll become increasingly important as 2019 brings more digital noise. His challenge: Be relevant, not loud.

How will marketing continue to change in 2019?

Attention and trust are the two most valuable elements of our economy going forward, and big companies have a long history of just burning it, wasting it. The alternative is to be the kind of organization that markets with people instead of at them.

What do you mean?

The mindset of pop-unders, pop-overs, spam, interruption, demographics, targeting — these are all hunting tactics”.

What Seth Godin Wants You To Know About Marketing in 2019


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