Video has become a handy tool that most brands have been using in their own ways. Different experiments with the video marketing have revealed promising results.

Video can be optimized in various formats. Econsultancy columnist Nikki Gilliland has shared five examples of brands using vertical video.

Gilliland says, “Not all marketers are so keen to embrace vertical video, it seems, with some brands still persisting with landscape in order to convey greater context and depth. In contrast, we’ve also seen a number of brands embrace and succeed with vertical, perhaps proving why others should take heed.

Here’s just five of them and the reasons why they work.

1. National Geographic

With over 92 million followers, National Geographic is the most followed account on Instagram. Unsurprisingly, it was chosen as the launch partner for IGTV, with the platform airing the full and final episode of National Geo’s “One Strange Rock” documentary. Adapted for vertical screens, the show – hosted by Will Smith – sees astronauts tell the story of Earth.

You might assume that such a visually arresting topic would be better suited to the wider format of 16:9, but interestingly, the 9:16 version helps to create a more immersive feeling. This means that viewers are kept hooked throughout the 47-minute documentary, with content like this ideal for commutes or other times when mobile is the user’s channel of choice”.

Five examples of brands using vertical video


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