Video is a vital element that helps brands enhance their sales. The video content also helps you drive more popularity for your brands. All you need to do is rightly utilize this tool.

Search Engine Land columnist Joe Goers has shared six ways to help marketers boost their organic video results.

Goers says, “ow can digital marketers capitalize on the growing importance of video? Below are 6 recommendations to boost your organic video results.

1. Analyze your video library and understand current visibility

Do you have all your videos identified, categorized, prioritized and optimized? If not, here are 3 steps to get started:

  • First, analyze video metrics from YouTube, your website’s Google Analytics account, or your video hosting provider. Understand which videos are getting views and which aren’t.
  • Second, analyze the video content and perform keyword research to identify optimization opportunities for each topic.
  • Third, analyze the SERPs and find the videos that are being displayed for relevant keyword phrases.
    • These videos become your initial high-priority Video SEO list.
    • By further optimizing videos that are already showing in the search results you have the best opportunity to drive additional brand awareness, qualified traffic and results.

Though this process takes a little time and effort, it can be one of the most fruitful. This analysis helps you prioritize your video optimization plan and allow you to establish baseline metrics from which you will improve”.

6 ways to boost organic video results

Search Engine Land

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