Steve Olsher recently shared that he was a guest on a podcast and, in less than 48 hours, he received 12 new inbound inquiries, had nine enrollment conversations and closed three $30,000 sales.All that just from appearing on just one poscast.

I you are looking for a new way to get the word out about your products, programs and services, podcasting as a guest may be just what you need. It costs almost nothing, just a bit of your time searching for a suitable podcast and the time it takes to appear on the podcast.

Doe you know who the leading podcasters are? Or how to contact them?

Olsher just created his 2018 edition of The Ultimate Podcast Directory, and he gave us a copy. It has the information you need to find a top podcast in your niche and contct them, asking to be a guest.

Remember these are the top podcasts in America; you have heard of many of them, such at The Moth Radio podcast and the Snap Judgement podcast, both made popular on NPR.

These influencers are always scouting for interesting guests to put in front of their large followings. Just imagine what being featured on the right podcast could do for your business; your visibility could skyrocket overnight.

Steve’s The Ultimate Podcast Directory provides you with the name, photo, show description and URL, iTunes category and even the email address of 670 of the the most powerful podcasters on the planet. And he is offering it free, today and tomorrow.

If you’re a coach, author, speaker, online marketer, holistic practitioner or small business owner, I highly recommend grabbing a copy of The Ultimate Directory of Podcasters while you can and get the visibility for your business that you need for success.

But it gets better: today, Olsher is holding a livestream webinar with some of these podcasters and he is inviting you to attend for free: Profiting from Podcasts Livestream.

In this livestream, you’ll hear directly from some of the world’s leading podcasters what they look for in their guests and what you must and say do to get them to say, “YES! I’d love to feature you on my show!”

And, they’ll be booking guests live, during this webinar.

Register HERE >>> Profiting from Podcasts Livestream.

Olsher (the host of Reinvention Radio and Beyond 8 Figures) will be joined by several leading podcasters, including:

* Michael Neeley, Host of Consciously Speaking
* Devi Adea, Host of Spiritual Entrepreneur
* Amy Schuber, Host of Inspired Conversations
* JJ Flizanes, Host of Fit2Love
* Kim Sutton, Host of Positive Productivity
* Doug Sandler, Host of The Nice Guys on Business
* Kelly Poelker, Producer for Reinvention Radio and Beyond 8 Figures
* And, others.

On the webinar, they will offer the opportunity to ask questions, receive direct feedback on your pitch to podcast hosts, and several lucky attendees will get booked on their shows on the spot.

Steve’s goal is to help you build a business where leads, conversations and sales are generated with ease and you’re able to secure the massive visibility you need.

LIVE: Meet Today’s Leading Podcasters & Get Booked On Their Shows (November 19 at 1pm PST / 4pm EST) Register here: Profiting from Podcasts Livestream.

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