Voice search has been growing with the rising number of mobile devices. This new technology has presented a new way for the brands to enter the households of the people and monitor their activities and present relevant offers.

Econsultancy columnist Rebecca Sentance has shared an article on the future of paid voice search and some ways you can monetize it.

Talking about the future of voice search and voice connectivity, Sentance says, “Since the introduction of Apple’s iconic voice assistant, Siri, with the launch of the iPhone 4S in 2011, voice devices have come a long way.

While we initially predicted that voice assistants would be mostly confined to our smartphones, that changed with the launch of the Amazon Echo in 2014, which in turn sparked off a smart speaker “arms race” amongst the major tech companies.

Smart speakers have achieved widespread popularity: according to voicebot.ai, an estimated 47.3 million people in the United States own a smart speaker, which works out to roughly one in five adults. In the UK, uptake has been slightly slower, but a recent report from Ofcom found that one in every eight households now has a smart speaker”.

The future of paid voice search: How voice could be monetised

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