Video is an important part of our marketing strategy. It helps us easily convey the message in an effective manner.

The Entrepreneur magazine contributor Hope Horner has shared some strategies to place the video at the right place for better conversion opportunities.

Horner says, “The opportunity for video placement exists everywhere on a business’s website. However, there are five “biggies” when it comes to the easiest places to incorporate new videos in addition to the home page:

1. Your “About Us” page

Where does a person go to find out more information about a company’s mission, culture or history? The “About Us” page, of course. Users ordinarily aren’t ready to buy just yet, so it’s fine to make a fun video showing off your brand’s personality. The founder might offer an insider look at his or her day, for instance, as a compelling way to emphasize the company’s creation story.

If you want an example of what I’m talking about, Twitter hits all the must-haves for a solid “About Us” video. Videos play in the background, talking about users’ stories and showing how the social site works in real life. Best of all, the videos work well without sound and don’t break the bank to produce”.

No, Video Isn’t Dead — It Still Boosts Sales Conversions When You Put It on the Right Pages of Your Site


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