What does it take for a business to attract paying customers? The first priority is establishing trust.

It has been shown that positive reviews lead 73% of consumers trust a local business more.

As a result of that greater trust, positive reviews made becoming a paying customer more likely.

This is as true on the local level as it is for big international corporations. It has been reported that 9 out of 10 consumers read reviews to decide if a business is worth visiting.

And those reviews had better be very good. 48% of consumers reported needing at least a four-star rating.

The need to demonstrate that customers are happy, moved Jeff Schwerdt and Zach Anderson to create Trust Social, software that uses recent reviews to significantly boost calls and appointment conversions.

The creators report that some businesses can double customer conversions this new tool (although that much improvement isn’t typical). The result is that they can increase sales without any additional traffic.

They have tested this software on real client sites leveraging recent reviews to test this theory.

On average, they report that results improved in the 10-15% range. If you consult with local business, your clients would certainly like a 10% improvement.

There was one exceptional case; one of their dental client sites reported that the number of new patient requests and inbound calls actually doubled.

Trust Social is something that hasn’t existed in the small business marketplace until now. It offers a wide open opportunity for you to win a ale from any business in your area wanting to improve their bottom line results.

And, for you, they report that it only takes about 5 minutes of “effort” per site from you.

Whether you are a brand new in the local marketing consulting arena or you already run thriving digital agency, this can possibly work for you.

Check it out here: Trust Social.

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