In a very short span of time content marketing has been a part of most organizations’ promotional strategies. It keeps evolving with a variety of tools.

The Forbes Agency Council’s Peter Boyd has shared six content marketing trends for 2019.

Boyd says, “Content marketing is one of the most rapidly changing areas in any industry. As such, it’s imperative to stay up to date on the latest content marketing trends if you’re looking to stay competitive in the marketplace.

So, here are six big trends I anticipate for 2019 and how to embrace them:

1. Long-Form Content

Long-form content will be even more important next year, as search engines reward lengthier posts in results rankings, and readers are increasingly looking for more trustworthy sources. Generally speaking, content should be over 2,000 words to be considered long-form. A recent analysis by BuzzSumo of over 100 million articles revealed that long-form content tends to get more social shares than short-form content. Moreover, the longer the content, the greater the likelihood it will be shared.

It’s important to remember that the point of long-form content is not to waste readers’ time but to provide thoughtful information that can be used as a quality resource”.

Six Content Marketing Trends For 2019

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