Experiential marketing is all about offering a memorable brand experience to your customers and make your branding strategy stronger.

The Econsultancy team has shared ten examples of experiential marketing.

Econsultancy team says, “Here are 10 great examples of experiential marketing. We’ve included relevant success metrics where they are available, but others I’ve included just because they’re pretty darn cool…

1. Ghostbusters movie: Marshmallow Man causes havoc at Waterloo station

Commuters in London in 2016 were amazed to see the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man emerging through the concourse floor of Waterloo station.

As our writer Nikki Gilliland reports, “with research finding that unexpected events can result in more pleasure responses in the brain, brands are increasingly searching for ways to ‘surprise’ and ‘delight’ consumers.”

This campaign certainly did that.

Forbidden Planet also ran a popup shop on the same theme in Waterloo, built to look like a New York subway station, and allowing commuters to buy movie tickets and souvenirs”.

10 very cool examples of experiential marketing


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