Mobile has become a key driving force behind the quicker adoption of the Internet all around the worlds. In this app-based economy you cannot afford to ignore mobile.

Entrepreneur contributor Tiffany Delmore has shared three strategies to help marketers achieve success at mobile marketing.

Delmore says, “It’s important to understand the options you have and to implement them effectively. Done well, the following strategies will help you and your company make the most of mobile marketing.

1.) Gamifying your approach.

Although consumers may no longer be impressed with gimmicky gamification, being able to engage their attention through something legitimately fun and mentally stimulating can still be a powerful technique for keeping your brand in their minds. Given that mobile is well integrated with online social networks, gamification can enable friends and family members to act as brand advocates as they bring new people to the games.

Although innovation and creativity are crucial to good gamification, there are some basic principles that you should keep in mind. A system of rewards is important because people like to know they are making progress in the game or getting closer to some real-world discount. Badges and points systems are perhaps less appreciated now that they’ve been standard features of gamified ads and websites for some years now, but they can still be valuable if used skillfully”.

3 Key Strategies for Succeeding at Marketing on Mobile


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