Human psychology plays an important role in persuading people to buy your products and services. You need to understand their thinking patterns and accordingly target them with the right offers.

Entrepreneur magazine contributor Syed Balkhi has shared five psychology-based tips to help marketers improve their sales.

Balkhi says,”If you want to make an impression on shoppers, take a look at these five psychology-based tips to boost your sales.

Evoke emotion over intellect.

Have you ever bought something just because it made you smile or excited you? I think it’s safe to say we all have at one point. According to Antonio Damasio, a professor of neuroscience at the University of Southern California, emotion is a necessary ingredient to almost all buying decisions. Whether that purchase is your favorite candy bar or your dream car: We don’t always weigh the pros and cons before buying an item; we’re just lead by our feelings.

Take the following from Slack as an example; notice how it’s playing to the emotions of its audience. It’s showing users how happy and carefree they’ll feel when they use the product.

So, instead of telling your audience members how awesome your product is by showcasing its features and specs, tell them how it will make them feel when they use it. If you can evoke emotion in consumers, they’ll be more likely to form a connection with your brand and buy”.

6 Psychology-Based Tips to Boost Your Sales


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